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Listed below are just a few of testimonials that our clients have shared with us. We are honored that our clients have taken the time to provide such honest feedback on our wine services. If you are interested in our wine services, contact Z Wine Services so we may assist you.

Tom Zinselmeyer, the owner of Z Wine Services, LLC was so generous to donate his time, talent and services to a fundraising ‘girls night out party’ for my son’s school auction. We partnered with a local clothing boutique, who donated the space to host our wine tasting party. Tom was exceptional to work with from start to finish. He exceeded our expectations providing some great summer red and white wines to taste, that were all reasonably priced and delicious. Tom was laid back and very knowledgeable and made the evening enjoyable for all. I would highly recommend Tom and Z Wines Services, LLC to anyone looking to host a wine tasting party or for consulting.
— Christine Winter

We hired Z Wine Services for a private wine tasting at our home on several occasions. Each time, it turned out to be a big hit with our guests! Tom’s knowledge of wine is exemplary. His personality is charming. Tom Zinselmeyer made the tasting educational as well as entertaining for all of our guests from the beginner to the most expert wine taster. Each time we have hired Z Wine Services, Tom introduced our guests to great wines from different regions of the world, keeping it a new and interesting experience.
— Ken and Lori Aston

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom Zinselmeyer and Z Wine Services for the last 3 years on the Friends of the Sheldon Theater Foundation’s annual Sunset Wine Tasting event. With Tom’s help and guidance, our event has been transformed into a must-attend evening of wine and great fun. In past years, we gathered to taste various wines and watch the sunset. Tom took that theme and ran with it, by forming a theme around particular wines, and then organizing a blind tasting which kept everyone guessing (and tasting) until the very end. Along the way, Tom offered helpful hints and knowledgable insight as to what we were drinking, until everyonel felt like experts. We are so grateful that Tom has offered his services to our organization, and can’t wait for this year’s event! We would not have had such success without Z Wine Services.
— Jane Matoesian

My husband and I contacted Z Wine Services in the beginning of January 2012 in regards to our combined bachelor/bachelorette party due to take place 2 weeks from the time of contact. We were a little late hammering out the details of our weekend celebration and had the last minute idea to have a professional wine tasting in our home prior to dinner out. It would be this event that would kick off our weekend. I did quite a bit of research and contacted a few “professional” wine tasting services but wasn’t excited about the fact that all of them seemed to have a sales motive within the service offered.

And then I found Z Wine Services. I called expecting the same run down and was so pleasantly surprised to not only find exactly what I was looking for in product service but also customer service. I could tell immediately that Tom was extremely personable and easy to get along with while also passionate about wine, which is a must when that is the product your showcasing... and his company motive was not to sell us wine but simply the knowledge of it! Perfect! We talked about the number of people my husband and I expected for the tasting, the event we were celebrating and the types of wines we preferred.

Tom and Z Wine Services but together a customized menu of wines catered to all the info we had discussed. It was last minute when I had contacted Tom and though he personally was booked for the night, he met with one of his representatives at our home (where we were set to have the tasting) to help with the set up and answer any questions we might have. They had even printed such a nice handout menu that had the wines and their descriptions listed as well as showcased our event specific celebration! I was honestly surprised (and kept one for the photo album) as it came with the package and I expected something a little generic and was ok with generic. Anne Marie was the Z Wine Services representative that took charge for the night and the list of duties we taxed her with was long! She was just as personable as Tom, fun, easy to get along with and passionate and knowledgable about wine. And when our crowd widely surpassed the expected number we had provided she rolled right with the punches and didn’t miss a beat. This service was catered to our needs and preferences which I would assume can be hard to do but they were naturals. Some of our party simply wanted to mingle and sip on different types of wine without any hype while others were actually interested in the wine process itself. Anne Marie knew exactly how to work the situation and everyone commented on what a great idea it was and what a great service they provided. Not to mention the wine was delicious and yet again exactly what we were interested in! To speak of cost, we paid a flat fee for a specific number of hours in addition to the cost of the wine. It was well worth it!!! And priceless not to have a ‘pressure to buy’ hovering over the festivities.

We honestly can’t wait for another occasion appropriate for such a service because we will definitely use Z Wine Services again! Can’t thank them enough for starting our weekend off as great as they did, it couldn’t have been better! My enthusiasm is off the charts because it really isn’t often that a) you get what you paid for and b) you get beyond what was expected. So for that, we thank Z Wine Services... You guys are it :)
— Ashly Sehy

We all had a wonderful time last night! Thank you so much for the educational and fun wine tasting! We appreciate your expertise and the time that you spent with us. We will all keep you in mind for wine tastings in the future and will pass your name on to friends and family. Thanks again.
— Whitney and Kevin

We recently had a surprise 30th birthday for my wife. Z Wine Services provided that extra something that made the celebration a bit more unique. Tom was easy to work with and knew exactly where his part would fit into our unique celebration. Guests really enjoyed the different wines and beers he provided and it was tailored to the event. A summer bbq with wines and beers that paired up accordingly. The party was a good size group and he prepared accordingly. The service was professional and fun at the same time. We will definitely be using this service for future gatherings big or small. Z Wine Services provides a little something different ( knowledge and a great selection of spirits ) to a gathering where other beverage catering companies fall short. We would recommend Z Wine Services to any type of gathering. Nice touch with the personalized menus and glasses for beer and wine!
— Eric and Sophie Wilson

I was suckered into hosting yet another Pampered Chef party in my neighborhood and in order for me to try and make it worth while for the host, I called both her and Tom Zinselmeyer of Z Wine Services, LLC to see if they would be willing to partner for this event. To my surprise and excitement, they both agreed to my idea, Chocolate Dessert and Wine Pairing. I asked the Pampered Chef host to provide me with a list of 4-5 chocolate desserts which I then passed along to Tom. Pampered Chef has a set menu and expectations but I didn’t know how the evening would transpire with the wine pairing. Although Tom was the ONLY male at the event, he not only provided a professional and informative event, his pairing with the recipes provided were dead on! The evening was a HUGE success thanks to his willingness to step out of the box and his extensive knowledge of his products and the way they melt on the palette. I would HIGHLY recommend book Z Wine Services for any Pampered Chef party.
— Jamie Vann

We donated a wine tasting party through Z Wine Services, LLC for a local charity. The wine tasting was performed in our home by Tom Zinselmeyer. Tom paired several varieties of red and white wine with an array of foods. As each wine was served, Tom provided a description of the wine and why it was selected for that particular food.

Everyone enjoyed the wine, the evening, and the service provided by Tom and Z Wine Services, LLC
— Hank and Sharon Purcell

Tom and Z Wine Services, LLC provided a wine tasting experience for our holiday party and we couldn’t have been happier with his wine choices, personality and professionalism. We will definitely use Z Wine Services again in the future and recommend him highly to anyone wanting to have a unique party experience.
— Vonnie Gurley

Wanting to have something other than “work” to talk about at our rotating holiday party, we decided to hire Tom Zinselmeyer of Z Wine Serivces, LLC. Knowing the diverse level of wine connoisseurs within the group, we asked Tome if he would be willing to create a tasting theme. The theme Tom created for the evening was “OLD vs. NEW World Wines.” Not only did Tom provide us with a list of suggestions of appetizers that would help cleanse the palette as well as enhance the flavors of the wines from both times. He was prompt, extremely knowledgeable and very respectful to all of our guests- not talking down to any of us who just knew what we liked to drink! He was a gem to have during a crazy time! Furthermore, he provided all the stemware for the event and the set up and tear down was minimal. Our guests are still talking about how impressive Tom of Z Wine Services was and wondering when we are hosting a wine tasting again!
— Jeff and Jamie Vann

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